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First Things First

Here we discuss:

SCROLLING: A Web site usually consists of several sections, called Web pages. But each Web page can be the equivalent of many printed pages. A Web page is really more like a scroll than a page. The content area, where the Web site's content appears, is like your field of vision on this scroll.

There are some commands in the scroll bar directly to the right of the content area that let you move your field of vision up and down the Web page.

You can also scroll up and down the page by using the arrows on your keyboard, if your keyboard has them.

Your keyboard may also have "page up" and "page down" keys that allow you to scroll the page.

If you can see a scroll bar below the content area which allows you to move horizontally on the page, you will probably want to enlarge the window, if there is room on the screen.


ENLARGING THE WINDOW - There are two tools that let you enlarge the window.


MOVING THE WINDOW - You can move the window you are viewing around your screen by placing your pointer on the title bar along the very top of the window, and dragging the window. If you are using a Macintosh operating system, be sure to avoid the close box at the left end of the title bar. It will close the window (see Problems and Solutions #1 to learn how to re-open the window).