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Learn How to Use this Web Site


This guide to the use of the Chapter 13 Web site* is designed for those who are new to the World Wide Web (WWW, or "the Web"). It presumes that you know how to use a monitor, a keyboard, and a mouse; if you do not, please refer to your computer manual or, better yet, another human being.

It also presumes that you are using the Netscape Navigator Web browser. You can tell you are using Netscape if the Netscape company logo appears to the right of the toolbar. Also, the word "Netscape" appears as part of the title in the title bar. If you are not using the Netscape browser you can download it from your current browser. Even if you are using a different browser, these instructions may still be useful, as all browsers have some common characteristics.

This guide is intended to give you the basic information you need to get going on the Web. More detailed instructions are available in the Netscape Navigator Handbook.

The guide covers:

FIRST THINGS FIRSTTools you might need to read this guide.
OTHER VITAL TOOLS For getting around the Chapter 13 Web site and the WWW.
USEFUL TOOLS To expand your capabilities.

*Note that you can click on any word or phrase in this guide that is underlined and go to an explanation of that word or phrase. You can then return to your place in the guide by clicking on the Back button in the toolbar.