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Problems and Solutions

1. WHAT THE ____?


It may occur that when you open your Netscape Navigator browser, no window opens! You will notice, however, that the menu bar has changed. There are several ways in which to open a window, such as:




You may have encountered an interesting page in your current session, but you neglected to bookmark it, and now you can't find it. Choose the History menu item in the Window menu or hit Command H on your keyboard. A list of the sites you have visited this time will appear and you can select any one of them.




Sometimes when you click on a link it takes a long time for the new Web page to come up. The pointer changes from an arrow to a watch or an hourglass while this is happening. The Netscape company logo to the right of the toolbar shows you that a transfer is in progress when there is movement inside the logo (specifically, comets whizzing by). The status bar at the bottom of the window also tells you what is going on.

During a transfer it is useless, and counterproductive, to click on the link again, or anywhere else in the content area. You can, however, click outside the content area, and the first thing you might want to click on is the Stop button in the toolbar, in order to stop the transfer.