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Chapter 13 Trustee Staff Directory

Court Call Questions

Attorney Rotation Schedule

Use this table to contact the trustee's staff attorney regarding each judge's court call and to email miscellaneous documents, i.e., appraisals, business documents.

JudgeStaff Attorney PhoneStaff Attorney eMailJudge's Initials
Barnes(312) 431-6531emailTAB
Goldgar(312) 431-6530emailABG
Hunt(312) 431-6533emailLAH
Thorne(312) 431-6532emailDLT

E-mail required documents

Use these email addresses to send PDF's of tax returns, payment advices and DSO affidavits of compliance to our office. Please include the case number, debtor last name and the appropriate Judge's initials in the subject line of your email (See judge table above for initials). You cooperation will ensure that the documents are processed efficiently. Thank you.

Email this document typeSample Subject Line
Tax returnsTax returns 12 B 12345 Smith PSH
Payment advicesPayadvices 12 B 12345 Smith PSH
DSODSO 12 B 12345 Smith PSH

Marshall, Marilyn O.


Confirmation Process

Chapman, StewartAttorney
Glanzer, CharlesAttorney
Mason, SuletheClient Services
Odom, DarleneCase Analyst
Olivadoti, AnthonyManaging Attorney
Sabath, DerekCase Analyst
Tobiason, LaurenAttorney
Wright, TyreeCase Analyst

Case Administration

Eubanks, DonnaBankruptcy Case Administrator
Fitch, GrantAdministrative Clerk
Gallagher, TerryAdministrative Clerk
Garcia, MichaelBankruptcy Case Administrator
Lanier, RosalindCase Analyst-Claims
Rodriguez, FrankBankruptcy Case Administrator
Scott IV, TearchedBankruptcy Case Administrator
Teague, ChristinaBankruptcy Case Administrator

Financial Operations

Adapon, AntonioReceipts Specialist
Gonzalez, NoelReceipts/Payroll Specialist
Graves, KatrinaClosing Auditor
Lagunas, CarlosClosing Auditor
Lyons, DanController
Owens, SidneyReceipts Specialist
Taylor, De'LovelyReceipts/Audit Specialist
Smith, AnthonyClosing Auditor

Technology Services

Pillar, SandraIT Analyst

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